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There are no federal laws governing home inspectors. We are regulated only by the individual states. Laws vary from state to state – and some states don’t even have home inspection regulations. In the Commonwealth of Virginia there is a Home Inspection regulation that requires anyone performing home inspections to be Licensed as a Home Inspector.  So how can you be sure that your inspector is qualified, experienced, and trustworthy? At the very minimum make sure the inspector is properly licensed but another greater level of peace of mind credential to look for is that the inspector is a Member of the American Society of Home Inspector's (ASHI).

The American Society of Home Inspector's (ASHI) is the nations oldest, largest and most recognized professional organization for Home Inspector's in North America.   ASHI's Standards of Practice and Code of Ethic's are nationally recognized as the standard in the Home Inspection industry.  ASHI membership is an assurance that your inspector has the experience, knowledge and professionalizm that you deserve and is committed to providing supreme customer service.

ASHI® Membership Categories and Requirements

Members of ASHI® are required to abide by the Society's Code of Ethics, which specifically forbids home inspectors from active brokerage or sale of real estate, or performing repairs on homes, which they inspect. ASHI Inspectors also agree to perform and report inspections in accordance with the ASHI Standards of Practice. Besides the ASHI logo is widely regarded as the mark of a professional home inspector, its use by the ASHI membership is also carefully controlled.

There are three designations of membership in ASHI®:

ASHI Certified Inspectors have met the following requirements:

  • Passed the National Home Inspector Examination 
  • Passed the ASHI's Standards and Ethics Examination.
  • Had inspection reports successfully verified for compliance with ASHI's Standards of Practice.
  • Submitted valid proof of performance of at least 250 fee-paid home inspections that meet or exceed the ASHI Standards of Practice.

Associates w/ Logo Privilege have met most of the requirements for Certified Inspector status:

    Current requirements are:
  • Passed the National Home Inspector Examination
  • Passed the ASHI's Standards and Ethics Examination.
  • ASHI has verified performance of 50 fee-paid inspections in substantial compliance with the Standards of Practice.

Associates have not yet met the ASHI Certified Inspector requirements, however:

  • Candidates may be highly experienced inspectors who have just joined ASHI, or they may be novice inspectors who have completed training or otherwise entered the profession.

ASHI Members must also attend a minimum of 20 hours of continuing education annually to maintain membership.

Whether selling or buying you need the peace of mind that a ASHI Certified Inspector can provide.